Investors: You should work with a mortgage broker


Investors: Why you should work with a mortgage broker

A mortgage broker is more than a financial advisor, they’re an expert in the lending and negotiation. They’re essentially a matchmaker of the finance world. Mortgage brokers spend their time researching and comparing rates to help match the right lender to the borrower.

When it comes to purchasing an investment property, enlisting the help of a mortgage broker can be a huge advantage. Though many investors may not know exactly what a broker can do, or how they can them secure a great investment.

A mortgage broker can help solidify your understanding of the market and processes and secure a great deal. Enlisting the help of a broker is invaluable, especially if you’re a property developer or investor.


So what exactly does a mortgage broker do?

While you may be willing to do the research yourself, the lending process is complex. So it’s crucial to have a full and clear understanding of how it all works. A mortgage broker can help with the following:

  1. In-depth research and comparisons.
  2. Tailored advice and guidance through the lending process.
  3. Performing complex paperwork.
  4. Answer any questions you may have.


Why should I trust a mortgage broker? 

If you’ve done your own research or have dabbled in property investment previously you may be asking, why should I trust a broker? The decision to buy a property is a big one, so it’s always worth consulting an expert.

Trusting a mortgage broker can:

  • Help you see the big picture and have all the information needed.
  • Help make the big decisions.
  • Save you time and energy.
  • Most importantly, they can help find the right deal for you and save you money the long run!

By law, a mortgage broker can’t recommend a loan which is unsuitable for your requirements. They’ll usually present a shortlist of loans, giving you the power to chose and question the options available.

A mortgage broker is often paid by your chosen lender, however, the amount is transparent and clearly identified in the documents. So, you can rest assured that they have your best interest at heart.


Why should I focus on finding an experienced mortgage broker? 

Of course, a mortgage broker can answer questions on finance, interest rates, loan structures, future planning, and so on. But an experienced broker can also train you on getting ready for auction with auction tips including reading the crowd and bidding strategies. They can help you understand how to negotiate with real estate agents. They can show you how to deal with property developers and the games they play. How to deal with banks and the games they play. Which real estate contracts you should be concerned about. How to identify red flags for defective properties, and the list goes on. 

Ultimately, buying a property is a large and potentially life-changing purchase. So why not have an expert mortgage broker on your side to help navigate the process and negotiate for you?


For your interest – my broker profile 

My name is John and I have been a mortgage broker for 5 years now. Previously I was working in both accounting and financial advice. I like to help people, and I found that the best way to give someone a big step up is to get them onto the property ladder. I place a lot of faith in bricks and mortar as it is simple to understand as a wealth creation vehicle.

My customers really appreciate the full range of services that I give them as a mortgage broker, I don’t just organise a home loan. I can give you research on properties, teach you how to negotiate with real estate agents. I can optimise your lending from a taxation and wealth generation perspective. I can educate you on the different contracts you may sign.

Here is my youtube video :

I run a small, family operated mortgage broker business that is focussed on giving you the best customer service possible. I would rather have a small, happy client base than chase profits by taking on too much work and giving everyone bad service.  (Bad service includes not returning phone calls for days, giving vague answers in order to dodge your questions, and hard selling you products you don’t need. All the things you expect from people in my industry.)

I mostly run on referrals, and normally by the time I have finished helping for someone, they have referred one or two other people to me.


John Halloran 0407 903 654
Exceptional Finance Mortgage Broker East Brisbane

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