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New home, refinance, investment property, we’ve got you covered.

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Understand the car loan you are agreeing to.

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"Our Services Are At No Cost To You"

When you pay interest to the bank each month, the bank pays us a little bit. Sweet deal huh? Call us for free information. Take it elsewhere if you want. We are happy to help.


Why Use A Mortgage Broker?

Choice: By visiting us and not a bank, you will have the choice of hundreds of loan products from seventeen different banks and non-bank lenders. This will allow you find an absolutely great loan for you situation.

Cost: Our services are at no direct cost to you. We are paid by a lender after we write a loan for them. Instead of the bank paying a bank manager afterwards they pay us.

Convenience: We do not work bank hours. We are happy to work at any time required in order to satisfy you, that includes late at night and weekends.

Competitive: We are not aligned with any particular bank. Therefore we can present the most competitive and best performing loan to you without any bias.

  • Home Loans

    We have access to some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We also have access to lenders who are happy to deal with credit file problems.

  • Business Loans

    Commercial loans can be quite complex, however we represent your interests and work hard to make sure the loan is obtained with minimal fuss.

  • Car Loans

    Our car loans are industry standard in pricing, however, there are no catches.

  • Exceptional Living Journal

    A lifestyle journal that staff contribute to.


Our Team

John Halloran
Director Exceptional Finance, MFAA Certified Mortgage and Business Loan Broker
Lin Weng
Senior Relationship Manager – 华语服务
Tamara Mocnayova
Accounts Manager & Administration
Cathy (Yi Chun) Wu
Senior Relationship Manager – 华语服务

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